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Famous Actors

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Adam Sandler popularity 10/10  Adam Sandler quotesJohn Barrymore popularity 7/10  John Barrymore quotes
Al Bernstein popularity 5/10  Al Bernstein quotesJohn Belushi popularity 8/10  John Belushi quotes
Alan Alda popularity 8/10  Alan Alda quotesJohn Brougham popularity 0/10  John Brougham quotes
Alan Bennett popularity 5/10  Alan Bennett quotesJohn Cassavetes popularity 6/10  John Cassavetes quotes
Alan Parker popularity 5/10  Alan Parker quotesJohn Cleese popularity 8/10  John Cleese quotes
Albert Chevalier popularity 0/10  Albert Chevalier quotesJohn Cusack popularity 8/10  John Cusack quotes
Albert Finney popularity 7/10  Albert Finney quotesJohn Doe popularity 8/10  John Doe quotes
Alec Baldwin popularity 8/10  Alec Baldwin quotesJohn Goodman popularity 8/10  John Goodman quotes
Alex Winter popularity 6/10  Alex Winter quotesJohn Lithgow popularity 7/10  John Lithgow quotes
Andy Garcia popularity 8/10  Andy Garcia quotesJohn Malkovich popularity 8/10  John Malkovich quotes
Anthony Hopkins popularity 8/10  Anthony Hopkins quotesJohn Russell popularity 6/10  John Russell quotes
Anthony Perkins popularity 7/10  Anthony Perkins quotesJohn Travolta popularity 9/10  John Travolta quotes
Anthony Rapp popularity 7/10  Anthony Rapp quotesJohn Turturro popularity 6/10  John Turturro quotes
Antonio Banderas popularity 9/10  Antonio Banderas quotesJohn Wayne popularity 10/10  John Wayne quotes
Arnold Schwarzenegger popularity 10/10  Arnold Schwarzenegger quotesJohnny Depp popularity 10/10  Johnny Depp quotes
Art Carney popularity 7/10  Art Carney quotesJohnny Knoxville popularity 9/10  Johnny Knoxville quotes
Arthur Murphy popularity 0/10  Arthur Murphy quotesJohnny Weissmuller popularity 7/10  Johnny Weissmuller quotes
Ashton Kutcher popularity 10/10  Ashton Kutcher quotesJon Bon Jovi popularity 9/10  Jon Bon Jovi quotes
Athol Fugard popularity 6/10  Athol Fugard quotesJon Peter Lewis popularity 0/10  Jon Peter Lewis quotes
Barry Humphries popularity 7/10  Barry Humphries quotesJon Stewart popularity 8/10  Jon Stewart quotes
Bela Lugosi popularity 8/10  Bela Lugosi quotesJon Voigt popularity 6/10  Jon Voigt quotes
Ben Affleck popularity 10/10  Ben Affleck quotesJonathan Brandis popularity 8/10  Jonathan Brandis quotes
Ben Browder popularity 8/10  Ben Browder quotesJonathan Miller popularity 6/10  Jonathan Miller quotes
Ben Elton popularity 7/10  Ben Elton quotesJonathan Winters popularity 7/10  Jonathan Winters quotes
Ben Stein popularity 8/10  Ben Stein quotesJoseph Cotten popularity 6/10  Joseph Cotten quotes
Ben Stiller popularity 9/10  Ben Stiller quotesJoseph Gordon-Levitt popularity 8/10  Joseph Gordon-Levitt quotes
Benicio Del Toro popularity 8/10  Benicio Del Toro quotesJoseph Jefferson popularity 5/10  Joseph Jefferson quotes
Benji Gregory popularity 5/10  Benji Gregory quotesJosh Hartnett popularity 10/10  Josh Hartnett quotes
Bert Lahr popularity 6/10  Bert Lahr quotesJude Law popularity 10/10  Jude Law quotes
Bill Bixby popularity 8/10  Bill Bixby quotesKarl Malden popularity 7/10  Karl Malden quotes
Bill Bojangles Robinson popularity 7/10  Bill Bojangles Robinson quotesKarl Valentin popularity 0/10  Karl Valentin quotes
Bill Cosby popularity 9/10  Bill Cosby quotesKeanu Reeves popularity 10/10  Keanu Reeves quotes
Bill Maher popularity 8/10  Bill Maher quotesKenneth Branagh popularity 8/10  Kenneth Branagh quotes
Bill Paxton popularity 8/10  Bill Paxton quotesKevin Bacon popularity 9/10  Kevin Bacon quotes
Billy Bob Thornton popularity 8/10  Billy Bob Thornton quotesKevin Costner popularity 8/10  Kevin Costner quotes
Billy Connolly popularity 8/10  Billy Connolly quotesKevin Kline popularity 8/10  Kevin Kline quotes
Billy Crystal popularity 7/10  Billy Crystal quotesKirk Douglas popularity 8/10  Kirk Douglas quotes
Blair Underwood popularity 7/10  Blair Underwood quotesKlaus Kinski popularity 8/10  Klaus Kinski quotes
Bob Hope popularity 8/10  Bob Hope quotesKonstantin Stanislavsky popularity 5/10  Konstantin Stanislavsky quotes
Boris Karloff popularity 8/10  Boris Karloff quotesLarry Gelbart popularity 0/10  Larry Gelbart quotes
Brad Pitt popularity 10/10  Brad Pitt quotesLaurence Olivier, Sir popularity 0/10  Laurence Olivier, Sir quotes
Bruce Lee popularity 10/10  Bruce Lee quotesLee Marvin popularity 8/10  Lee Marvin quotes
Bruce Willis popularity 9/10  Bruce Willis quotesLee Van Cleef popularity 8/10  Lee Van Cleef quotes
Burt Lancaster popularity 8/10  Burt Lancaster quotesLeonardo DiCaprio popularity 0/10  Leonardo DiCaprio quotes
Buster Keaton popularity 8/10  Buster Keaton quotesLiam Neeson popularity 0/10  Liam Neeson quotes
Cary Grant popularity 8/10  Cary Grant quotesLiev Schreiber popularity 0/10  Liev Schreiber quotes
Chad Michael Murray popularity 10/10  Chad Michael Murray quotesLionel Barrymore popularity 6/10  Lionel Barrymore quotes
Charles Boyer popularity 6/10  Charles Boyer quotesLisa Kirk popularity 6/10  Lisa Kirk quotes
Charles Bronson popularity 8/10  Charles Bronson quotesLL Cool J popularity 0/10  LL Cool J quotes
Charles Dibdin popularity 0/10  Charles Dibdin quotesMacaulay Culkin popularity 8/10  Macaulay Culkin quotes
Charles Laughton popularity 6/10  Charles Laughton quotesMario Cantone popularity 7/10  Mario Cantone quotes
Charles Pierce popularity 6/10  Charles Pierce quotesMark Hamill popularity 8/10  Mark Hamill quotes
Charlton Heston popularity 8/10  Charlton Heston quotesMark Wahlberg popularity 9/10  Mark Wahlberg quotes
Chico Marx popularity 7/10  Chico Marx quotesMarlon Brando popularity 8/10  Marlon Brando quotes
Christian Slater popularity 8/10  Christian Slater quotesMartin Dansky popularity 0/10  Martin Dansky quotes
Christopher Plummer popularity 8/10  Christopher Plummer quotesMartin Mull popularity 7/10  Martin Mull quotes
Christopher Reeve popularity 8/10  Christopher Reeve quotesMartin Sheen popularity 8/10  Martin Sheen quotes
Christopher Titus popularity 8/10  Christopher Titus quotesMatt Damon popularity 9/10  Matt Damon quotes
Chuck Wagner popularity 6/10  Chuck Wagner quotesMatt Dillon popularity 8/10  Matt Dillon quotes
Clark Gable popularity 8/10  Clark Gable quotesMatt LeBlanc popularity 8/10  Matt LeBlanc quotes
Clayton Moore popularity 7/10  Clayton Moore quotesMatthew Broderick popularity 8/10  Matthew Broderick quotes
Clint Eastwood popularity 10/10  Clint Eastwood quotesMatthew McConaughey popularity 9/10  Matthew McConaughey quotes
Clint Walker popularity 8/10  Clint Walker quotesMaurice Chevalier popularity 7/10  Maurice Chevalier quotes
Cole Hauser popularity 8/10  Cole Hauser quotesMax Pallenberg popularity 0/10  Max Pallenberg quotes
Colley Cibber popularity 3/10  Colley Cibber quotesMax Wright popularity 6/10  Max Wright quotes
Cuba Gooding, Jr. popularity 0/10  Cuba Gooding, Jr. quotesMel Brooks popularity 9/10  Mel Brooks quotes
D. B. Sweeney popularity 5/10  D. B. Sweeney quotesMel Gibson popularity 10/10  Mel Gibson quotes
Dan Aykroyd popularity 8/10  Dan Aykroyd quotesMichael Caine popularity 7/10  Michael Caine quotes
Dan Castellaneta popularity 7/10  Dan Castellaneta quotesMichael Douglas popularity 8/10  Michael Douglas quotes
Daniel Baldwin popularity 8/10  Daniel Baldwin quotesMichael J. Fox popularity 8/10  Michael J. Fox quotes
Daniel Day-Lewis popularity 7/10  Daniel Day-Lewis quotesMichael Landon popularity 8/10  Michael Landon quotes
Daniel Radcliffe popularity 10/10  Daniel Radcliffe quotesMichael O'Donoghue popularity 0/10  Michael O'Donoghue quotes
Daniel Stern popularity 6/10  Daniel Stern quotesMick Jagger popularity 9/10  Mick Jagger quotes
Danny DeVito popularity 8/10  Danny DeVito quotesMickey Rooney popularity 8/10  Mickey Rooney quotes
Danny Reyntiens popularity 0/10  Danny Reyntiens quotesMilla Jovovich popularity 10/10  Milla Jovovich quotes
Danny Thomas popularity 7/10  Danny Thomas quotesMoliere popularity 8/10  Moliere quotes
Dario Fo popularity 7/10  Dario Fo quotesMonty Hall popularity 6/10  Monty Hall quotes
David Ackert popularity 0/10  David Ackert quotesMorey Amsterdam popularity 6/10  Morey Amsterdam quotes
David Carradine popularity 7/10  David Carradine quotesMorgan Freeman popularity 8/10  Morgan Freeman quotes
David Duchovny popularity 9/10  David Duchovny quotesMykelti Williamson popularity 6/10  Mykelti Williamson quotes
David Garrick popularity 6/10  David Garrick quotesMyrna Loy popularity 8/10  Myrna Loy quotes
David Lynch popularity 8/10  David Lynch quotesNicolas Cage popularity 8/10  Nicolas Cage quotes
David Prowse popularity 7/10  David Prowse quotesNoel Coward popularity 7/10  Noel Coward quotes
David Schwimmer popularity 8/10  David Schwimmer quotesOrlando Bloom popularity 10/10  Orlando Bloom quotes
David Spade popularity 8/10  David Spade quotesOrlando McGuire popularity 0/10  Orlando McGuire quotes
David Steinberg popularity 6/10  David Steinberg quotesOrson Welles popularity 8/10  Orson Welles quotes
Dean Martin popularity 10/10  Dean Martin quotesOscar Levant popularity 7/10  Oscar Levant quotes
Demetri Martin popularity 0/10  Demetri Martin quotesOssie Davis popularity 7/10  Ossie Davis quotes
Denis Leary popularity 9/10  Denis Leary quotesPatrick Dennis popularity 6/10  Patrick Dennis quotes
Dennis Franz popularity 8/10  Dennis Franz quotesPatrick Stewart popularity 8/10  Patrick Stewart quotes
Dennis Miller popularity 8/10  Dennis Miller quotesPaul Bettany popularity 8/10  Paul Bettany quotes
Dennis Quaid popularity 8/10  Dennis Quaid quotesPaul Fix popularity 5/10  Paul Fix quotes
Dennis Rodman popularity 8/10  Dennis Rodman quotesPaul Lynde popularity 7/10  Paul Lynde quotes
Denzel Washington popularity 9/10  Denzel Washington quotesPaul Newman popularity 8/10  Paul Newman quotes
Dick Powell popularity 0/10  Dick Powell quotesPaul Robeson popularity 8/10  Paul Robeson quotes
Dick Van Dyke popularity 0/10  Dick Van Dyke quotesPaul Rodriguez popularity 8/10  Paul Rodriguez quotes
Dion Boucicault popularity 5/10  Dion Boucicault quotesPele popularity 6/10  Pele quotes
Donnie Yen popularity 8/10  Donnie Yen quotesPeter Cook popularity 7/10  Peter Cook quotes
Douglas Fairbanks popularity 7/10  Douglas Fairbanks quotesPeter Finch popularity 5/10  Peter Finch quotes
Dudley Moore popularity 7/10  Dudley Moore quotesPeter Fonda popularity 8/10  Peter Fonda quotes
Dustin Hoffman popularity 8/10  Dustin Hoffman quotesPeter Lorre popularity 7/10  Peter Lorre quotes
Ed O'Neill popularity 0/10  Ed O'Neill quotesPeter Sellers popularity 8/10  Peter Sellers quotes
Ed Wynn popularity 6/10  Ed Wynn quotesPeter Ustinov popularity 6/10  Peter Ustinov quotes
Eddie Izzard popularity 9/10  Eddie Izzard quotesPhil Hartman popularity 8/10  Phil Hartman quotes
Eddie Murphy popularity 9/10  Eddie Murphy quotesPhilip Slater popularity 0/10  Philip Slater quotes
Edward Everett Horton popularity 6/10  Edward Everett Horton quotesQuentin Tarantino popularity 8/10  Quentin Tarantino quotes
Edward G. Robinson popularity 7/10  Edward G. Robinson quotesRalph Fiennes popularity 8/10  Ralph Fiennes quotes
Edward Gordon Craig popularity 6/10  Edward Gordon Craig quotesRalph Richardson popularity 5/10  Ralph Richardson quotes
Eli Wallach popularity 7/10  Eli Wallach quotesRay Romano popularity 8/10  Ray Romano quotes
Elijah Wood popularity 9/10  Elijah Wood quotesRay Walston popularity 6/10  Ray Walston quotes
Elvis Presley popularity 10/10  Elvis Presley quotesRichard Burton popularity 8/10  Richard Burton quotes
Emily Watson popularity 8/10  Emily Watson quotesRichard Dreyfuss popularity 7/10  Richard Dreyfuss quotes
Eric Idle popularity 8/10  Eric Idle quotesRichard Gere popularity 9/10  Richard Gere quotes
Ernst Deutsch popularity 0/10  Ernst Deutsch quotesRichard Jeni popularity 8/10  Richard Jeni quotes
Errol Flynn popularity 8/10  Errol Flynn quotesRichard Kuehn popularity 0/10  Richard Kuehn quotes
Fernando Lamas popularity 6/10  Fernando Lamas quotesRichard Lewis popularity 7/10  Richard Lewis quotes
Frank Sinatra popularity 10/10  Frank Sinatra quotesRichard Pryor popularity 9/10  Richard Pryor quotes
Fred Astaire popularity 8/10  Fred Astaire quotesRobert de Niro popularity 8/10  Robert de Niro quotes
Fritz Eckhardt popularity 0/10  Fritz Eckhardt quotesRobert Downey, Jr. popularity 0/10  Robert Downey, Jr. quotes
Garry Shandling popularity 3/10  Garry Shandling quotesRobert Duvall popularity 8/10  Robert Duvall quotes
Garson Kanin popularity 3/10  Garson Kanin quotesRobert Englund popularity 0/10  Robert Englund quotes
Gary Cooper popularity 8/10  Gary Cooper quotesRobert Morley popularity 5/10  Robert Morley quotes
Gary Sinise popularity 8/10  Gary Sinise quotesRobert Redford popularity 8/10  Robert Redford quotes
Gene Hackman popularity 8/10  Gene Hackman quotesRobert Stack popularity 6/10  Robert Stack quotes
Gene Kelly popularity 8/10  Gene Kelly quotesRobert Urich popularity 8/10  Robert Urich quotes
Gene Wilder popularity 8/10  Gene Wilder quotesRobin Williams popularity 9/10  Robin Williams quotes
Georg Keil popularity 0/10  Georg Keil quotesRock Hudson popularity 8/10  Rock Hudson quotes
George Arliss popularity 0/10  George Arliss quotesRoger Moore popularity 8/10  Roger Moore quotes
George Carlin popularity 10/10  George Carlin quotesRoman Polanski popularity 9/10  Roman Polanski quotes
George Clooney popularity 9/10  George Clooney quotesRon Perlman popularity 8/10  Ron Perlman quotes
George Jessel popularity 6/10  George Jessel quotesRowan Atkinson popularity 8/10  Rowan Atkinson quotes
George Lindsey popularity 5/10  George Lindsey quotesRoy Rogers popularity 8/10  Roy Rogers quotes
George M. Cohan popularity 7/10  George M. Cohan quotesRudolph Valentino popularity 8/10  Rudolph Valentino quotes
George Reeves popularity 8/10  George Reeves quotesRussell Crowe popularity 10/10  Russell Crowe quotes
Gerard Depardieu popularity 8/10  Gerard Depardieu quotesRyan Reynolds popularity 10/10  Ryan Reynolds quotes
Gregory Hines popularity 8/10  Gregory Hines quotesSacha Guitry popularity 5/10  Sacha Guitry quotes
Gregory Ratoff popularity 0/10  Gregory Ratoff quotesSal Mineo popularity 8/10  Sal Mineo quotes
Groucho Marx popularity 8/10  Groucho Marx quotesSalman Khan popularity 0/10  Salman Khan quotes
Gwen Verdon popularity 7/10  Gwen Verdon quotesSean Astin popularity 8/10  Sean Astin quotes
Hal Sparks popularity 9/10  Hal Sparks quotesSean Connery popularity 9/10  Sean Connery quotes
Haley Joel Osment popularity 8/10  Haley Joel Osment quotesSean Penn popularity 8/10  Sean Penn quotes
Harley Granville Barker popularity 5/10  Harley Granville Barker quotesShaquille O'Neal popularity 0/10  Shaquille O'Neal quotes
Harpo Marx popularity 7/10  Harpo Marx quotesSharon Stone popularity 10/10  Sharon Stone quotes
Harrison Ford popularity 9/10  Harrison Ford quotesShaun Cassidy popularity 8/10  Shaun Cassidy quotes
Harry Belafonte popularity 8/10  Harry Belafonte quotesSidney Poitier popularity 8/10  Sidney Poitier quotes
Harry Shearer popularity 7/10  Harry Shearer quotesSir Alan Bates popularity 0/10  Sir Alan Bates quotes
Harvey Fierstein popularity 7/10  Harvey Fierstein quotesSir Robert Helpmann popularity 0/10  Sir Robert Helpmann quotes
Harvey Keitel popularity 8/10  Harvey Keitel quotesSpalding Gray popularity 7/10  Spalding Gray quotes
Hayden Christensen popularity 10/10  Hayden Christensen quotesSpike Milligan popularity 7/10  Spike Milligan quotes
Heinz Ruehman popularity 0/10  Heinz Ruehman quotesStephen Wright popularity 7/10  Stephen Wright quotes
Henry Rollins popularity 9/10  Henry Rollins quotesSteve Allen popularity 7/10  Steve Allen quotes
Henry Winkler popularity 8/10  Henry Winkler quotesSteve Buscemi popularity 8/10  Steve Buscemi quotes
Herbert Beerbohm Tree popularity 0/10  Herbert Beerbohm Tree quotesSteve Guttenberg popularity 7/10  Steve Guttenberg quotes
Hildegard Knef popularity 5/10  Hildegard Knef quotesSteve Martin popularity 8/10  Steve Martin quotes
Howard Keel popularity 7/10  Howard Keel quotesSteve Mcqueen popularity 8/10  Steve Mcqueen quotes
Hugh Grant popularity 8/10  Hugh Grant quotesSteven Grayhm popularity 6/10  Steven Grayhm quotes
Hugh Laurie popularity 9/10  Hugh Laurie quotesSteven Rea popularity 2/10  Steven Rea quotes
Humphrey Bogart popularity 8/10  Humphrey Bogart quotesSteven Seagal popularity 8/10  Steven Seagal quotes
Ice T popularity 0/10  Ice T quotesSteven Spielberg popularity 8/10  Steven Spielberg quotes
Jack Carson popularity 5/10  Jack Carson quotesSydney Greenstreet popularity 6/10  Sydney Greenstreet quotes
Jack Handey popularity 7/10  Jack Handey quotesSylvester Stallone popularity 9/10  Sylvester Stallone quotes
Jack Nicholson popularity 8/10  Jack Nicholson quotesThomas Betterton popularity 0/10  Thomas Betterton quotes
Jackie Gleason popularity 8/10  Jackie Gleason quotesTim Allen popularity 9/10  Tim Allen quotes
Jackie Mason popularity 7/10  Jackie Mason quotesTim Roth popularity 7/10  Tim Roth quotes
James Baskett popularity 5/10  James Baskett quotesTom Cruise popularity 10/10  Tom Cruise quotes
James Dean popularity 9/10  James Dean quotesTom Hanks popularity 8/10  Tom Hanks quotes
James Holzier popularity 0/10  James Holzier quotesTom Wilson popularity 7/10  Tom Wilson quotes
James Stewart popularity 8/10  James Stewart quotesTony Randall popularity 9/10  Tony Randall quotes
James Woods popularity 7/10  James Woods quotesVal Kilmer popularity 9/10  Val Kilmer quotes
Jason Robards Jr. popularity 3/10  Jason Robards Jr. quotesVanna Bonta popularity 6/10  Vanna Bonta quotes
Jean Cocteau popularity 7/10  Jean Cocteau quotesVernon Howard popularity 7/10  Vernon Howard quotes
Jeremy Irons popularity 8/10  Jeremy Irons quotesVictor de Kowa popularity 0/10  Victor de Kowa quotes
Jeremy Piven popularity 8/10  Jeremy Piven quotesViggo Mortensen popularity 10/10  Viggo Mortensen quotes
Jerry O'Connell popularity 0/10  Jerry O'Connell quotesVin Diesel popularity 10/10  Vin Diesel quotes
Jerry Seinfeld popularity 8/10  Jerry Seinfeld quotesW. C. Fields popularity 6/10  W. C. Fields quotes
Jim Backus popularity 6/10  Jim Backus quotesWarren Beatty popularity 8/10  Warren Beatty quotes
Jim Carrey popularity 9/10  Jim Carrey quotesWentworth Miller popularity 9/10  Wentworth Miller quotes
Jim Davis popularity 8/10  Jim Davis quotesWill Smith popularity 10/10  Will Smith quotes
Jimmy Fallon popularity 9/10  Jimmy Fallon quotesWilliam Shatner popularity 9/10  William Shatner quotes
Joachim Fuchsberger popularity 0/10  Joachim Fuchsberger quotesWillie Garson popularity 5/10  Willie Garson quotes
Joe Flaherty popularity 6/10  Joe Flaherty quotesWoody Allen popularity 8/10  Woody Allen quotes
Joe Frisco popularity 5/10  Joe Frisco quotesWoody Harrelson popularity 8/10  Woody Harrelson quotes
Joe Lacey popularity 0/10  Joe Lacey quotesYul Brynner popularity 8/10  Yul Brynner quotes
Joey Adams popularity 6/10  Joey Adams quotesYves Montand popularity 0/10  Yves Montand quotes
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