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Famous Playwrights

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Aeschylus popularity 8/10  Aeschylus quotesJohn Webster popularity 6/10  John Webster quotes
Agatha Christie popularity 8/10  Agatha Christie quotesJulien Green popularity 6/10  Julien Green quotes
Albert Camus popularity 8/10  Albert Camus quotesKarl Kraus popularity 1/10  Karl Kraus quotes
Alexandre Dumas popularity 8/10  Alexandre Dumas quotesLillian Hellman popularity 7/10  Lillian Hellman quotes
Alfred De Musset popularity 5/10  Alfred De Musset quotesLorraine Hansberry popularity 8/10  Lorraine Hansberry quotes
Alfred Sheinwold popularity 0/10  Alfred Sheinwold quotesLudovic Halevy popularity 3/10  Ludovic Halevy quotes
Anna Cora Mowatt popularity 5/10  Anna Cora Mowatt quotesLuigi Pirandello popularity 7/10  Luigi Pirandello quotes
Anton Chekhov popularity 8/10  Anton Chekhov quotesMarcel Achard popularity 3/10  Marcel Achard quotes
Antonio Machado popularity 8/10  Antonio Machado quotesMarguerite Duras popularity 6/10  Marguerite Duras quotes
Arnold Bennett popularity 5/10  Arnold Bennett quotesMarsha Norman popularity 6/10  Marsha Norman quotes
Arthur Miller popularity 9/10  Arthur Miller quotesMary Russell Mitford popularity 5/10  Mary Russell Mitford quotes
Arthur Schnitzler popularity 5/10  Arthur Schnitzler quotesMaurice Maeterlinck popularity 3/10  Maurice Maeterlinck quotes
Beaumarchias popularity 0/10  Beaumarchias quotesMaxim Gorky popularity 5/10  Maxim Gorky quotes
Ben Hecht popularity 3/10  Ben Hecht quotesMaxwell Anderson popularity 3/10  Maxwell Anderson quotes
Bernard Le Bovier Fontenelle popularity 0/10  Bernard Le Bovier Fontenelle quotesMenander popularity 6/10  Menander quotes
Bertolt Brecht popularity 8/10  Bertolt Brecht quotesMervyn Peake popularity 5/10  Mervyn Peake quotes
Chamfort popularity 5/10  Chamfort quotesMichael Frayn popularity 6/10  Michael Frayn quotes
Christopher Marlowe popularity 8/10  Christopher Marlowe quotesMilan Kundera popularity 6/10  Milan Kundera quotes
Christopher Trumbo popularity 0/10  Christopher Trumbo quotesMoliere popularity 8/10  Moliere quotes
Clare Boothe Luce popularity 6/10  Clare Boothe Luce quotesNeil Simon popularity 8/10  Neil Simon quotes
Colley Cibber popularity 3/10  Colley Cibber quotesNoel Coward popularity 7/10  Noel Coward quotes
Dael Orlandersmith popularity 0/10  Dael Orlandersmith quotesOssie Davis popularity 7/10  Ossie Davis quotes
Dario Fo popularity 7/10  Dario Fo quotesP. G. Wodehouse popularity 6/10  P. G. Wodehouse quotes
David Garrick popularity 6/10  David Garrick quotesPedro Calderon de la Barca popularity 5/10  Pedro Calderon de la Barca quotes
David Jerold popularity 0/10  David Jerold quotesPeter Shaffer popularity 6/10  Peter Shaffer quotes
David Mamet popularity 7/10  David Mamet quotesPhilip Barry popularity 5/10  Philip Barry quotes
David Storey popularity 6/10  David Storey quotesPierre Beaumarchais popularity 0/10  Pierre Beaumarchais quotes
Dion Boucicault popularity 5/10  Dion Boucicault quotesQuintus Ennius popularity 0/10  Quintus Ennius quotes
Dodie Smith popularity 6/10  Dodie Smith quotesRabindranath Tagore popularity 7/10  Rabindranath Tagore quotes
Don Marquis popularity 6/10  Don Marquis quotesRemy de Gourmont popularity 0/10  Remy de Gourmont quotes
Douglas Jerrold popularity 0/10  Douglas Jerrold quotesRichard Brinsley Sheridan popularity 5/10  Richard Brinsley Sheridan quotes
Dylan Thomas popularity 8/10  Dylan Thomas quotesRichard Dehmel popularity 0/10  Richard Dehmel quotes
Edna Ferber popularity 7/10  Edna Ferber quotesRobert Morley popularity 5/10  Robert Morley quotes
Edward Albee popularity 7/10  Edward Albee quotesRonald Duncan popularity 6/10  Ronald Duncan quotes
Elias Canetti popularity 5/10  Elias Canetti quotesRoyall Tyler popularity 6/10  Royall Tyler quotes
Euripides popularity 8/10  Euripides quotesS.N. Behrman popularity 0/10  S.N. Behrman quotes
Federico Garcia Lorca popularity 8/10  Federico Garcia Lorca quotesSacha Guitry popularity 5/10  Sacha Guitry quotes
Franz Werfel popularity 5/10  Franz Werfel quotesSean O'Casey popularity 0/10  Sean O'Casey quotes
Friedrich Dürrenmatt popularity 5/10  Friedrich Dürrenmatt quotesSébastien-Roch Nicolas De Chamfort popularity 0/10  Sébastien-Roch Nicolas De Chamfort quotes
Gao Xingjian popularity 5/10  Gao Xingjian quotesShelagh Delaney popularity 3/10  Shelagh Delaney quotes
Georg Buchner popularity 5/10  Georg Buchner quotesSholem Asch popularity 0/10  Sholem Asch quotes
George Ade popularity 5/10  George Ade quotesSigmund Graff popularity 0/10  Sigmund Graff quotes
George Bernard Shaw popularity 8/10  George Bernard Shaw quotesSir John Vanbrugh popularity 0/10  Sir John Vanbrugh quotes
George Colman, the Younger popularity 0/10  George Colman, the Younger quotesSophocles popularity 9/10  Sophocles quotes
George M. Cohan popularity 7/10  George M. Cohan quotesStanley Kauffmann popularity 0/10  Stanley Kauffmann quotes
George Peele popularity 5/10  George Peele quotesSteven Deitz popularity 0/10  Steven Deitz quotes
Graham Greene popularity 8/10  Graham Greene quotesSusan Glaspell popularity 8/10  Susan Glaspell quotes
Gunter Grass popularity 7/10  Gunter Grass quotesSusannah Centlivre popularity 1/10  Susannah Centlivre quotes
Hans Kasper popularity 0/10  Hans Kasper quotesT.S. Eliot popularity 8/10  T.S. Eliot quotes
Harley Granville Barker popularity 5/10  Harley Granville Barker quotesTennessee Williams popularity 8/10  Tennessee Williams quotes
Harold Pinter popularity 7/10  Harold Pinter quotesTerence popularity 8/10  Terence quotes
Harvey Fierstein popularity 7/10  Harvey Fierstein quotesThomas D'Urfey popularity 0/10  Thomas D'Urfey quotes
Henrik Ibsen popularity 8/10  Henrik Ibsen quotesThomas Middleton popularity 5/10  Thomas Middleton quotes
Henry Arthur Jones popularity 0/10  Henry Arthur Jones quotesThomas Shadwell popularity 0/10  Thomas Shadwell quotes
Henry Fielding popularity 7/10  Henry Fielding quotesTitus Maccius Plautus popularity 5/10  Titus Maccius Plautus quotes
Henry MacKenzie popularity 0/10  Henry MacKenzie quotesTom Stoppard popularity 7/10  Tom Stoppard quotes
Hugo von Hofmannsthal popularity 5/10  Hugo von Hofmannsthal quotesTruman Capote popularity 8/10  Truman Capote quotes
Isaac Bickerstaffe popularity 0/10  Isaac Bickerstaffe quotesUgo Betti popularity 5/10  Ugo Betti quotes
James Arthur Baldwin popularity 6/10  James Arthur Baldwin quotesVaclav Havel popularity 6/10  Vaclav Havel quotes
James Broughton popularity 0/10  James Broughton quotesWilliam Ernest Henley popularity 6/10  William Ernest Henley quotes
Jean Anouilh popularity 6/10  Jean Anouilh quotesWilliam Rose Benet popularity 5/10  William Rose Benet quotes
Jean Giraudoux popularity 0/10  Jean Giraudoux quotesWilliam Shakespeare popularity 10/10  William Shakespeare quotes
Jerome K. Jerome popularity 5/10  Jerome K. Jerome quotesWilliam Somerset Maugham popularity 6/10  William Somerset Maugham quotes
Joe Orton popularity 6/10  Joe Orton quotesWilson Mizner popularity 5/10  Wilson Mizner quotes
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe popularity 7/10  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe quotesWole Soyinka popularity 7/10  Wole Soyinka quotes
John Brougham popularity 0/10  John Brougham quotesYevgeny Zamyatin popularity 5/10  Yevgeny Zamyatin quotes
John Galsworthy popularity 6/10  John Galsworthy quotesZoe Akins popularity 6/10  Zoe Akins quotes
John Heywood popularity 5/10  John Heywood quotesZona Gale popularity 6/10  Zona Gale quotes
John Osborne popularity 6/10  John Osborne quotes 
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